Katherine Barr

Katherine Barr focuses primarily on investments in consumer and business products and services that leverage data analytics and new technology platforms. Specific areas of investment focus include Retail and E-Commerce Innovation (business process reinvention in the retail/e-commerce market), Life Technologies (B2B2C products and services that optimize our lives as consumers), and Workforce Innovation (optimization and automation of the workforce).

Katherine currently sits on the boards of WorkFusion, BuildDirect, Ruby Ribbon, PunchTab and BandPage, sourced and is a board observer for Ticketfly, is an investor in Zuckerberg Media, Retention Science and Storefront, and is responsible for the investments in Visible Measures and Infusionsoft.

Katherine is Co-Chair of C100, the leading Canadian technology entrepreneur association in North America, and guest lectures a yearly executive education negotiation session at Stanford University. She is also an Emmy Noether Council Member at the Perimeter Institute, one of the world's leading institutes of theoretical physics.

Katherine has over 11 years of operating and entrepreneurial experience.  This includes being a Senior Negotiator at Vantage Partners for global technology clients such as IBM, Cisco, Applied Materials, and HP on their deals with customers, partners, and service providers, a Senior Product Manager at HSA (a communications startup) and a Senior Marketing Manager at ACCESS (a global software solutions provider for mobile devices).

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/barrkatherine/

Twitter: @kbmdv



Facts & Stats

  • Katherine is an advisor to 500Startups and was a founding sponsor of Startup2Startup.

  • She was first inspired by computer technology when her father bought a TRS-80, which she used to play games and write programs in BASIC. And to prove that she isn't a total nerd, her best off-piste powder skiing experience was in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan.
  • She received her B.A. from McGill University, and completed an M.A. and the M.S. core curriculum in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University