Gordon Murray of Gordon Murray Design lectures on his approach to car design and manufacturing

August 23, 2011

We have been stamping automobiles from sheet steel for 100 years now and yet plastic composites rule in low volume vehicle racing cars and aircraft construction. Professor Murray believes now is the time to close this gap and it requires a complete rethink from design through manufacturing. This presentation is a brief history of composite primary structures and a look forward to a time where light weight in automobile structures will bring increased safety, reduced investment and lower manufacturing energy. In this context he will also discuss the progress at GMD, including a perspective on several running prototypes from a design, packaging, and safety point of view.

In July 2007, Gordon Murray Design (GMD) was established to develop an innovative and disruptive automotive manufacturing technology, trademarked iStream® along with the T.25, a radical city car, central to both the development and validation of iStream®. Gordon Murray Design recently debuted T.27, The World’s Most Efficient Electric Car, an electric vehicle based on the T.25 architecture and design principles.

Event Information
A 21st-Century Approach to Car Design and Manufacturing
August 23, 2011
Stanford University