RainDance Technologies' Customers to Showcase Cancer Research Successes at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology Meeting

February 15, 2012

LEXINGTON, Mass. & MARCO ISLAND, Fla., Feb 15, 2012 -- RainDance Technologies, Inc., the Digital Biology(TM) Company, and customers including the National Cancer Institute (NCI), British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA), and Asuragen will highlight recent successes with RainDance's advanced targeted sequencing solutions for cancer research at this year's Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting. RainDance is also a sponsor and presenter at AGBT which is taking place in Marco Island, Florida from February 15-18.

"We are seeing more and more customers generate exciting examples of how impactful a rare variant approach in cancer research can be using the RainDance platform," said Andy Watson, Chief Marketing Officer at RainDance Technologies. "Our customers are seeing that it clearly pays to be on target and our Targeted Sequencing Solutions are enabling them to achieve unprecedented coverage in an automated streamlined workflow with better sample-to-answer economics than alternative methods."

Multiple Products Targeting Unmet Needs in Cancer Analysis

RainDance continues to power ground-breaking cancer research with its novel picodroplet-based technologies that are enabling new research into cancer identification and characterization. The company offers a full portfolio of integrated cancer analysis solutions consisting of fully automated instrumentation, a sophisticated primer design pipeline, and high-value consumables and reagents for applications such as Targeted DNA Sequencing, ultra-deep sequencing of FFPE samples (DeepSeq(TM) FFPE Solution), cancer hotspot mutation detection, cancer pathway analysis (ONCOSeq(TM) Panel), methylation analysis (MethylSeq(TM) Solution), Digital PCR, and in the future, single cell analysis. The company also offers an innovative DirectSeq(TM) workflow that significantly reduces sample processing time by eliminating standard library construction for all next-generation sequencing platforms, including Illumina's HiSeq(TM) and MiSeq(TM) and Ion Torrent's PGM(TM) Systems.

Rapid Adoption of ThunderStorm(TM) System

The company's technology is being rapidly adopted by leading research institutions for applications including targeted next-generation DNA sequencing, rare mutation detection, genetic screening research, and methylation analysis. Several customers, including Ambry Genetics and BCCA, have recently purchased the company's new ThunderStorm(TM) System, a fully-automated and walkaway high-throughput targeted sequencing solution that enables researchers to process 96 samples per run. Ambry Genetics is using the system to provide high-throughput next-generation genetic testing services. BCCA is sequencing a large number of samples from patients with hereditary predisposition to various cancers in order to generate data that will help guide clinical management. BCCA is presenting a poster at the AGBT meeting related to ongoing work that utilizes the RainDance platform.

Ground-breaking Discoveries and Publications

Recent peer-reviewed papers highlighting the capabilities of the RainDance platform were published in New England Journal of Medicine(1) and Genome Biology(2), which both demonstrate the company's "hotspot" approach for detecting rare genetic mutations linked to cancer. Additional publications include the Journal of Translational Medicine(3)(DeepSeq(TM)), as well as PLoS One(4) and Genome Research(5) (MethylSeq(TM)).

In their New England Journal of Medicine publication, scientists from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the University of Michigan Health System, Wake Forest University and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) demonstrate the use of RainDance's targeted sequencing solution in the detection of rare mutations linked to prostate-cancer risk. Working with RainDance, the researchers designed a custom primer panel to amplify approximately 2,800 amplicons representing more than 2,000 exons from their target region. Results include the identification of a previously unknown recurrent mutation linked to prostate-cancer risk.

In their Genome Biology publication, researchers from the University of California, San Diego examine low prevalence somatic mutations in breast, colon and ovarian tumors, using a solution which included RainDance's automated instrument system and cancer hotspot panel, as well as an ultra-deep targeted sequencing assay (UDT-Seq) and protocol. The ultra-deep targeted sequencing assay used in this study enabled the detection of low prevalence mutations at more than 70,000 positions in the mutational hotspots of 42 cancer genes and more than 6,000 COSMIC ID's.

The RainDance Digital PCR (dPCR) platform was also highlighted in two Lab on a Chip(6, 7)publications. The first, a study from RainDance and the Universite de Strasbourg in France, describes the platform's unprecedented multiplexing capabilities. The second, from Universite de Strasbourg, Universite Paris Descartes, and RainDance, demonstrates how the RainDance dPCR technology was used to detect a single mutated KRAS oncogene in a 200,000-fold background of normal KRAS genes expressed by cell lines.

RainDance at AGBT

RainDance and its customers will be discussing the new ThunderStorm System at AGBT in Marco Island, Florida on February 15-18. Meeting activities include:

-- Andy Watson will discuss the ThunderStorm System and recent customer successes during the RainDance workshop at 3:15pm on February 17.

-- The ThunderStorm System will be showcased throughout AGBT in RainDance's hospitality suite (Lanai Suite 287).

-- Poster presentations featuring RainDance's technology include: -- Accurate, High Sensitivity Next Generation Sequencing of Targeted Cancer Genes in FFPE and FNA Clinical Specimens (Asuragen; Chen L, et al.)

-- Implementation of a Clinically-Compliant Diagnostic High Throughput Sequencing Pipeline (British Columbia Cancer Agency; Moore R, et al.)

-- Evaluation of Whole Genome Amplified DNA Samples for Targeted Sequencing (National Cancer Institute; McCary A, et al.)

-- Droplet-Based Digital PCR for High Sensitivity Detection of Cancer Biomarkers (Institut de Science et d'Ingenierie Supramoleculaires; Taly V, et al.)


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