Carrier IQ Launches Application Analytics Module for Global Mobile Operators and Device Manufacturers – Providing Critical Application Performance and Usage Data

June 8, 2011

Extending the Reach of Mobile Intelligence to Well Over 150 Million Devices on Mobile Platforms Including Over 20 Million Tablet Devices, E-Readers, and Non-Handset Devices by the End of 2011

LONDON--Carrier IQ, today announced availability of a new Application Analytics module that will enable mobile operators and device manufacturers to monitor application performance and usage across multiple mobile device platforms, including tablet devices. Carrier IQ’s technology provides mobile network operators and device manufacturers with invaluable insights into the performance of various devices and networks from the user’s perspective. Carrier IQ’s solution is deployed on over 150 million mobile devices including smartphones, feature phones, data cards, radio-equipped devices, downloadable agents and now tablet devices.

Applications are increasingly impacting mobile networks and costing operators millions of dollars in customer support due to the dramatic increase of applications being downloaded onto devices. With Carrier IQ’s new solution, operators and device manufacturers can extract valuable data on application impact on network performance, battery life and drainage, as well as key usability factors to help improve the overall user experience. With more and more mobile devices hitting the market, there becomes a real need for these device types to report back to operators and device manufacturers on a multitude of factors about how they are performing.

“In a recent operator rollout of Carrier IQ’s application analytics, we were able to demonstrate that if Facebook was preloaded on a specific smartphone, 40% of the app usage from that device in the first month was with Facebook. Without the preload, it was only 5%, as users had to download the app themselves,” said Andrew Coward, Vice President of Marketing at Carrier IQ.

According to several recent analyst studies, 20% of US consumers will own a tablet device by 2014 (Harris Interactive), and over 195 million tablet devices will be sold between 2010 and 2015 (Forrester Research). Couple this data with the availability of LTE connectivity, and these numbers represent an incredible growth trajectory of mobile devices and bandwidth consumption, driving an explosion of available applications and content. With this many new devices and applications reporting in data to networks, there becomes a great need to understand how these new devices and applications are performing on the various networks both from the operator and device manufacturer’s perspective. Operators will now be able to understand the impact of applications on the device from battery life to throughput and the impact to their networks and users’ experiences.

By deploying Carrier IQ’s Mobile Intelligence Application Analytics module, operators are now able to get insight into true customer experience measurements, to quickly identify and resolve issues at both a network level and at an individual customer level. Existing customers who have deployed Carrier IQ for customer care, network planning, monitoring and device management will be able to extend their current product deployments to enable additional devices such as tablets to monitor application performance measures and usage.

Rapid adoption of new devices and product types invariably leads to unanticipated issues with network resources or user experience. As Carrier IQ extends Mobile Intelligence to all kinds of devices, the scope for analyzing usage and performance across all classes of mobile devices now becomes possible.

About Carrier IQ

Carrier IQ enables mobile operators, device manufacturers, application developers and market researchers to improve their offerings based on direct insight into the customer experience. Deployed on over 150M devices from 12 leading mobile device vendors worldwide, Carrier IQ is the leading provider of Mobile Intelligence solutions that use mobile devices to provide detailed metrics regarding mobile experience in a highly secure, private and anonymized environment. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, Carrier IQ is a privately held, venture-backed company with offices in the U.S., UK and Malaysia. For more information, please visit