AudienceScience® Accelerates Brand Advertising for Automotive Industry

June 14, 2011

Global Advertising Leader Announces Automotive Industry Vertical Solution to Reach In-Market Car Shoppers When They Are Ready to Purchase Their New Vehicles

NEW YORK, NY -- AudienceScience®, a global online advertising technology company, today announced their unique Automotive Vertical Solution, representing one of several audience segmenting products that deliver industry-specific, tailored approaches to drive marketing success in definitive markets requiring specific solutions.

Recognizing the unique digital marketing and data needs of every industry, these vertical solutions apply a strategic audience data-driven approach to drill down into key decision-making processes and consumer experience. The AudienceScience Solution for Automotive will enable auto manufacturers and dealers to extrapolate and share industry-specific successes, sophisticated insights, best practices and specialized reports. It is geared to help industry marketers identify, understand and target crucial "in-market" car shoppers.

Analysts expect more than 13 million cars to be sold in the US this year. According to CNW Research, today's total time to acquisition for new car buyers has doubled since 2001. Sustained, long-term contact and communication over this lengthened purchase cycle has become critical to conversion. While only 10 percent of in-market, new vehicle intenders visit dealerships three months out from purchase, 66 percent actively visit and research third-party sites during this period.

"As the automotive industry heads into a critical competitive time with new electric cars, green marketing and the continued specter of skyrocketing fuel prices, the stakes are even higher for marketers to find 'in-market' shoppers and deliver relevant content and marketing messages to these customers," says AudienceScience president Jeff Hirsch. "With the number of cars to be sold in the US up 11 percent over 2010 and new car buyers remaining in market longer, the AudienceScience Automotive Solution is an essential tool for automotive marketers and all other stakeholders looking to engage the long-term automotive shopper with their products and services."

The AudienceScience Solution for Automotive is the most robust on the market and includes 540 of the top automotive sites, including most of the top 25 as measured by comScore. AudienceScience has developed more than 113 standard targeted auto segments such as domestic vehicle buyers, SUV shoppers and luxury buyers, while custom targeted auto segments can be developed based on the unique needs of the automotive marketer. For the company's many leading automotive brand clients, this milestone exponentially increases their ability to effectively target valuable customer segments with ad campaigns over a longer period of time, and to better understand and relate to their online audiences. For more information on the AudienceScience Solution for Automotive visit

About AudienceScience®:
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