A Star is Born: Aryaka Redefines a Multi-Billion-Dollar WAN Optimization Market

October 29, 2012

Over the last decade, there has been little innovation in the WAN optimization space, with the exception of virtualization. The cloud has changed all that. We believe the cloud has become the next logical step in the evolution of optimizing the enterprise WAN for today’s globally distributed workforce. Worth noting is Aryaka, a company leading that charge.

We think Aryaka is poised to redefine the multi-billion-dollar WAN optimization market. Up until now, the industry has been ruled by hardware vendors and expensive dedicated access links from service providers. Aryaka intends to change this with its goal of becoming the leader in moving networked applications into the cloud in an elegant and affordable manner. Aryaka has created the world’s first cloud-based WAN Optimization as-a-Service. This compelling technology revolutionizes the way organizations solve business application and network performance issues faced by the distributed enterprise. Aryaka’s solution eliminates the need for expensive and complex appliances, while providing long-haul connectivity, and enhances collaboration across corporate locations, data centers and cloud services.

A rapidly growing number of global enterprises are already enjoying the choice, flexibility and benefits delivered by Aryaka’s optimized, intelligent network. We think of Aryaka’s WAN optimization as-a-Service solution “sophisticated sim¬plicity.” The solution is purpose-built for multi-tenancy and eliminates the need for expensive and complex appliances as well as long-haul MPLS connec¬tivity or private links worldwide. With Aryaka, globally dis¬tributed teams can communicate and collaborate across a private MPLS-like network with the security, reliabil¬ity, instant access and end-to-end visibility and control required by today’s modern enterprise.

With Aryaka’s cloud-based approach, companies simply buy high performance connectivity for a monthly fee. This is a major turn from traditional capital equipment as the benefits of going the service route enable fast global deployment with no CAPEX and provide elastic capacity with instant upgrades -- all through a service managed by someone else with 24/7 support. Customers are thrilled that they can quickly and affordably hook into an intelligent network in the cloud and leapfrog outdated hardware and MPLS services, which don’t' always perform well or reliably despite their expense.

By speeding cloud application delivery for globally distributed enterprises, Aryaka has redefined the playing field for network optimization. While traditional players in the WAN optimization space talk about their cloud ‘vision,’ Aryaka’s fully operational and optimized network is already delivering dramatic productivity gains by enabling users to connect, communicate and collaborate instantaneously, wherever they are located around the world.

On the business side, we think the company is led by a stellar team of seasoned entrepreneurs. The founders have a history of creating successful, high value businesses. We’ve had the privilege of working with them from the earliest days of the company. They came to us with a bold idea, WAN Optimization as-a-Service, and have delivered on that vision. We’re excited about Aryaka’s product, one that executes as promised and delights customers who not only pay for the solution but refer Aryaka to their friends and colleagues.

As the WAN has become the lifeblood of today’s global enterprise, we’re incredibly excited to see Aryaka’s wider market acceptance, increasing revenue and, especially, its vision of cloud based infrastructure come to life.