Ticketing 3.0: Facebook Becomes A Box Office

December 20, 2011

This guest post was written by Evolver.fm Editor Eliot Van Buskirk, who has covered and occasionally anticipated music and technology intersections for under 15 years for CNET, Wired.com, McGraw-Hill, and The Echo Nest. He plays a bass, rides a bicycle, and lives in Brooklyn.

Once upon a time, we bought our concert tickets from a good old-fashioned cashier at the local box office. As time went on, we took some of the work out of the hands of the cashier and started buying our tickets at home — on the Web. (For a fee, mind you.) And if what we’re seeing today is any indication, the next step in the evolution of the box office? Facebook. 

Ticketfly’s Facebook ticketing app, which launched last week, aims to boost sales by letting people know when their friends buy a ticket. Read more here >>>>>>>>