January 15, 2014

RainDance Technologies CEO Roopom Banerjee introduced a new platform called Thunderbolts. It combines RainDance’s sample prep and targeted sequencing technologies with next-gen sequencing.

The first Thunderbolts product is a cancer panel that covers all actionable cancer mutations in a single test. The new offering marks RainDance’s first move beyond genomics tools into cancer-based assays. According to Banerjee, the test profiles all cancer mutations for under $100 and it requires only 10 ng of starting DNA.

Though Thunderbolts can be used with all of the commercially available next-gen sequencing platforms, RainDance debuted data Tuesday on the cancer panel generated using Illumina's MiSeq. Thunderbolts is designed initially to be compatibel with Illumina's NGS systems, company officials said.

Banerjee said that the molecular pathology market represents a $1 billion opportunity, but RainDance intends to expand beyond that market. He said the firm plans a future assay targeting latent HIV.