Retention Science Hits 2 Million Transactions Analyzed for Retention Marketing Platform

December 28, 2012

For most companies, attracting and retaining customers is a central focus when it comes to developing marketing strategies. While larger corporations such as Amazon can afford to develop their own comprehensive in-house data analytics systems, most mid-sized ecommerce businesses simply do not have the resources available to support an analytics team and build a custom insights tool. Santa Monica-based retention marketing startup Retention Science, which BetaKit covered in July, offers a self-serve solution that lets mid-sized ecommerce companies analyze customer behavior and develop effective marketing strategies geared towards retention.

Retention Science uses big data algorithms to help businesses identify high value customers, maximize lifetime value and increase revenue. Looking at demographic, social and behavioral datasets, the company provides businesses with insights into consumer behavior and shopping patterns to help clients predict purchasing patterns and group customers.

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