Q&A: RootMusic’s J Sider

July 26, 2011

J Sider is up to something. “We are working some amazing deals today,” he says on the phone from San Francisco. He won’t give away what those deals entail for his company, RootMusic, but he does say that the details of them have put a smile on his face.

Though he grew up around Harrisonburg, VA, Sider’s chilled-out surfer-bro speak befits his now-home of San Francisco. He relocated to the tech-friendly West Coast city to launch RootMusic, a startup music venture that runs the Facebook application BandPage. BandPage allows artists to construct sleek-looking centerpieces on their Facebook pages where fans can do things like stream songs, view photos, and check out tour dates and Twitter feeds all in one place. The service, whose basic package is free, launched in 2010, and after little more than a year, it has been adopted by 200,000 bands reaching 30 million monthly active users. And to think, it all started for Sider, a musician and former band and venue manager, with a poster board and a dream. Read the full interview here>>>>