Panasas Stages HPC Jailbreak

June 21, 2011

Panasas is busting out of its HPC (high-performance computing) parallel storage niche to assault the broader storage market. ActiveStor 11 scales to 6 petabytes of capacity and 115 GBps of throughput from a single global namespace, and should expand the company's addressable market from computationally intensive application environments to a variety of markets, whether deployed as part of a dedicated research cluster or a multitenant private cloud platform. It features user quotas, snapshots and per-user chargeback reporting, and administrators can add new storage to the global namespace from a single point of management in fewer than 10 minutes without disrupting workflows, says Panasas.

Storage is typically an afterthought in HPC environments, says the company, with the majority of IT budgets (70 to 80%) dedicated to the compute side. Storage is usually an add-on, built out as required, Panasas says. So an affordable, easy-to-add-and-configure storage solution is very important to this market.

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