The NoSQL Community Threw Out the Baby with the Bath Water

January 28, 2013

Summary: Splice Machine's Monte Zweben secures $4M in funding to develop the Splice SQL Engine™ for big data applications.

The NoSQL movement has provided a whole new way of thinking about database architecture. NoSQL is understood to stand for "not just SQL," though most think of it as "not SQL." The reality is that a relational database model may not be the best solution for all situations. The easiest way to think of NoSQL is that it's a database which does not adhere to the traditional relational database management system (RDMS) structure.

The workload is able to easily grow by distributing itself over lots of ordinary, and cheap, Intel-based servers. A NoSQL database is exactly the type of database that can handle the sort of unstructured, messy and unpredictable data that big data applications require.

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