Music 2.0

July 25, 2011

"Change" is a monumental understatement when it comes to music. It's been more than a decade since Napster and file sharing completely transformed recorded music and upended the industry. Peace in the music business is definitely not at hand. Look at what commands attention these days: warring Internet radio services, the guaranteed-to-be-bruising fight between three corporate behemoths and some pretenders over "cloud-based" music delivery and the major labels' endless bloodletting.

"Ten years ago, I was very reluctant to invest and was highly skeptical. Today, the dynamics of the industry, the way it sells to fans, is a much more interesting place to look for investments," adds Bill Ericson, a general partner with Mohr Davidow Ventures, which has, among other investments, taken a stake in Ticketfly Inc., an advanced-ticketing platform with music as its centerpiece. "The business model has changed because technology has allowed it to change," Ericson says. Read more>>>>