Greener Synthetic Pathways Award: Genomatica, San Diego

June 27, 2011

Industrial biotechnology company Genomatica, based in San Diego, took home the Greener Synthetic Pathways Award for inventing a low-cost, direct microbial fermentation route to the large-volume chemical 1,4-butanediol (BDO) from renewable carbohydrate feedstocks. The route, which represents Genomatica’s first product, demonstrates a systems-based metabolic engineering approach to microbe design and development that could enable bioprocesses for other commodity chemicals that are not naturally produced by cells.

“Our goal is to generate process technologies that harness the power of nature to convert renewable feedstocks into high-volume commodity chemicals,” says Genomatica cofounder and chief executive officer Christophe Schilling. “The Green Chemistry Award speaks not just to the success of biobased BDO but the potential of our technology platform that we think will allow us do the same for a broad range of chemical targets with economics that can compete head on with petrochemicals.” Read more>>>>