The Eatery: Massive Health Debuts a Photo App That Promises To Improve Your Health

November 1, 2011

People take photos of food with their mobile phones all the time. But to what end other than to gain cred on Foodspotting or brag about your gourmet meal on Instagram and Twitter? The Eatery is a different type of photo app. It is about you, and taking photos to make yourself aware of what you are eating so that you can change your behavior and eat healthier foods.

The Eatery is the first app from Massive Health, co-founders Sutha Kamal’s and Aza Raskin’s startup which wants to make people healthier by arming them with better data about what they doing to their bodies. The iPhone app is simple. You take pictures of everything you eat and rate it on a scale from “fit” to “fat.” Read more>>>>