Coupa CEO: Riding the Forrester eProcurement Wave Today, Back To Work Tomorrow

May 22, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.33.00 PM The  Forrester Wave™: eProcurement Q2 2014 report is Rob Bernshteynout, and Coupa got a great report card.

Compared against 10 other enterprise software companies, we got top marks for our current product, our strategy and our market presence, earning a nice big circle in the uppermost right hand corner of the famous Forrester Wave™chart.

We’re both proud and humbled to be acknowledged in this increasingly important core category of enterprise software. We’re so thankful to our customers, our partners, and our fellow Coupa colleagues who together work tirelessly toward our common goals of unprecedented customer success despite any and all hurdles in our path.

We view this report’s outcome as both a validation of our efforts and a challenge to continue to push the envelope of what’s possible in our market. There are hundreds of thousands of companies around the world that are still unable to drive meaningful, measurable, results in the area of spend optimization.  We are open for business and we are ready to serve them.

Specifically, we’re honored to be acknowledged as having the strongest strategy in this market.  We plan to continue vigorously executing on this strategy in the months, quarters, and years to come. We are on a mission to help companies of all sizes get their arms around as much spend as possible-–pre-approved, post-approved and unapproved.  We will apply our distinctive customer success-oriented approach and technology platform to help them optimize that spend and drive bottom line savings.

Additionally, although we were assessed as having the strongest current offering in this market, we have no plans to rest on our current accomplishments. We see our leadership position as one that comes with significant responsibility.  We will continue to invest in our organic, cloud-based platform. We will continue to work closely with our customers to define and develop world-class capabilities.  We will continue to innovate with every release.  We will continue to build new, pre-integrated and functionally synergistic modules around our current market-leading suite of products. 

As we continue to develop our business, we are committed to expanding our market presence.  We will continue to recruit the brightest and most passionate people to our company worldwide, and we will work with them to drive measurable value for customers globally. 

Like any student who gets a great report card, we will celebrate this moment here at Coupa.  But then, it’s right back to work.  The best is yet to come.

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