Cloud WAN optimization keeps global design firm offices in sync

April 11, 2012

Network latency can really inhibit collaboration among a global team of architects, designers and consultants who are designing hotels in Asia or Australia. Time-zone differences and language barriers are one thing, but a network that drags out large file transfers between global offices can bring a project to a halt. Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), a global hospitality design firm, chose a cloud-WAN-optimization service from Aryaka to remove that network latency.

Consultants and designers in HBA's Santa Monica, Calif., headquarters collaborate daily on the interior design of hotels and resorts via email with employees located in branch offices scattered worldwide and on-site architects. A typical day for stateside HBA designers includes working with overseas hotel architects and designers to diagram furniture placement; they generate very detailed drawings of the proposed rooms with Autodesk AutoCAD and 3dsMax design tools, applications that are notorious for producing large files that eat up bandwidth.

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