Bridging the Gap: Helping Small Businesses With Big Ideas Develop New Industries - Simbol Materials is Profiled

October 25, 2011

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are drivers of job creation and innovation in America. The Energy Department supports many small businesses that are pushing the limits of what was previously thought to be possible. Two of these game-changing companies are Semprius, Inc., and Simbol, Inc.

Simbol, Inc.
Leveraging the Department's investment in mineral extraction technology through the Geothermal Technologies Program, Simbol, Inc. (a.k.a. Simbol Materials) licensed and further developed Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's process to produce lithium, manganese, and zinc battery chemicals using geothermal brine. These materials are used in a variety of products, from electric car batteries to cell phones and computers. Simbol Materials is constructing its first lithium extraction plant, located at the Salton Sea in Southern California, that will capture lithium at existing geothermal energy plants, a technology that has the potential to turn the United States into a major lithium exporter and kick-start the mineral recovery industry. Read more>>>>