Brickstream devices roll as Asda looks to halve queues

March 12, 2012

Asda is rolling out a new queue management system it claims could almost halve the amount of time frustrated Brits spend waiting in line at the till.

The retailer has been developing the system for the past two years and has been trialling it in 30 stores for six months. The system, Brickstream, would knock up to a minute off the average queuing time, it said.

Brickstream uses stereoscopic cameras to count the number of shoppers entering a store. The numbers are analysed and sent to a manned dashboard on the shop floor. The dashboard then indicates how many tills will need to be open 10 minutes later to avoid a build-up of shoppers at the tills. Asda says it has invested several million pounds in bringing the new system to stores.
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