The First End-to-End Big Data Platform for Microlending Transactions

Zebit, developed by Global Analytics Holdings, Inc., provides a simple way for companies, such as online retailers or lenders in emerging markets, to do business with customers with low access to credit in a single platform. The first end-to-end Big Data platform for financial transactions, Zebit delivers superior decisioning and accurate risk assessment so companies on the platform become profitable faster. Zebit is the first platform to employ Adaptive Data Fusion – used historically for complex scientific applications – to transform complex streams of data from multiple sources into meaningful lending decisions. Because each customer transaction is inherently different, involving a unique purchase, unique variables and a distinct point in time, Zebit produces superior results by underwriting on a per-transaction basis rather than underwriting based solely on the individual.

Facts & Stats

  • Zebit has a proven ability to get to profitability 75% faster than other platforms.
  • Its latform gets smarter and more experienced with new data. With over a million transactions already under our belt, the Zebit engine is the smartest around – combining billions of pieces of structured and unstructured data.
  • Zebit was built by the same people who developed the credit card fraud protection system used by major companies to protect over 2 billion credit cards worldwide.