Visible Measures

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Visible Measures is the independent third-party measurement firm for Internet video publishers, advertisers, and viral marketers. It provides its industry-wide data for viral video ads, online film trailers, webisodes, automotive, and more . The company’s patented approach has been designed from the ground up to meet the unique challenges of measuring Internet video reach and engagement. Visible Measures provides its customers and partners with unprecedented visibility into their online video audiences and how they engage with both content assets and advertising placements. The company has unique perspectives on the value of earned media for brand advertisers and strategies and tactics that can optimize outcomes. Visible Measures is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Digital Video Committee and the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF).


Facts & Stats

  • Online video is the fast growing segment of the online advertising world, which in turn is the fastest growing segment across all advertising media. 
  • Customers include many of the top world's largest advertisers across segments like CPG, automotive, entertainment, and consumer technology. 
  • Maintains what is commonly understood to be the world's largest data set of online video performance information, spanning thousands of leading video publisher sites, hundreds of millions of unique videos, and trillions of views in aggregate. Over 100 million unique video viewers traverse our measurement network every month.
  • Providers of industry standard 'Top Ten' lists to leading publications including AdAge, Variety, Mashable, and MotorTrend.