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HealthTap is dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being by providing users personalized health information and free online and mobile answers from thousands of the best physicians in the U.S. The company categorizes and organizes the world's best health information, unlocking the wisdom of doctors and creating, for the first time, immediate access to relevant, reliable and trusted health content that is kept current through daily contributions from top physicians. The company's goal is to help people better understand health, make more informed health decisions and find the very best doctors. It's also committed to physicians. HealthTap wants to help doctors better serve existing patients, find new ones and build their reputations by demonstrating their expertise online.

Facts & Stats

  • HealthTap's web and mobile apps connect its Medical Expert Network of 12,000+ U.S.-licensed doctors with people seeking answers to their health-related questions.
  • 80% of Internet users gather health information online, but nearly 60% of people report that what they find is of no help at all (Pew Internet Study)
  • Founded by Ron Gutman in 2010. Based in Palo Alto, California