Dynamic Shopper Intelligence

DS-IQ powers in-store media networks with response measurement and message optimization to drive performance. Its products seamlessly integrate messages and offers to create a cohesive shopper experience across all media channels.
DS-IQ technology is the only shopper marketing solution that targets, activates, and optimizes shopper marketing campaigns while they run. This allows retailers and manufacturers to:

1. Personalize messages using actual purchase behavior
2. Integrate digital marketing—online, in-store, and mobile
3. Maximize response in real-time

Retailers grow their topline by increasing visits and basket. Manufacturers increase share by boosting penetration and buying rate. Marketers can unify shopper marketing across channels and engage shoppers when and where they make their decisions—both pretail and retail.



Facts & Stats

  • Every day, DS-IQ delivers over 100 million impressions and analyzes over a quarter of a billion sales.
  • DS-IQ’s optimization can generate 5x or greater improvement in sales lift.
  • The company has 7 patents issued and 10 pending for shopper marketing technologies.
  • DS-IQ technologists invented pioneering marketing innovations at Amazon.com, Microsoft, and Information Resources.