The world’s first SaaS-based WAN optimization and application acceleration platform

Aryaka delivers application and network performance for the globally distributed enterprise for better collaboration, communication and business productivity. Aryaka eliminates the need for costly WAN appliances or long-haul private links. Aryaka’s premier WAN Optimization as-a-Service accelerates any application to any location on one affordable, optimized network. Aryaka’s Network as-a-Service provides organizations an optimized TCP network with QoS for instant and reliable business connectivity. Aryaka’s Application Delivery as-a-Service enables distributed business users to quickly access centralized enterprise applications and Cloud resources from anywhere in the world. All services provide end-to-end visibility with 24×7 world-class support. To learn more, visit Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.



Facts & Stats

  • Enterprises adopting the Aryaka solution are increasing acceleration performance 70 times faster and reducing Wide Area Network traffic up to 98% for a better user experience among their globally distributed workforce.
  •  Traditional WAN optimization vendors have started to speed the pace of their deployment in the face of new cloud-based competition.
  • Aryaka is a more simple and easy to deploy solution and eliminates the need for complex and costly hardware appliances or dedicated MPLS links.
  •  Aryaka can be deployed and go live in hours versus weeks and months from traditional WAN optimization techniques.
  •  Aryaka built burstability and elastic capacity into the platform, allowing customers the ability to scale their business as needed instead of acquiring fixed-capacity MPLS networks and complex appliances.
  •  Competitors are starting to rebrand their traditional solutions as ‘cloud’ or ‘WAN optimization-as-a-service’ and drop their prices in an attempt to stay competitive.