Ideas Construct the Future.

The catalyst for change lies at the intersection of inspired people and their passions. That's where new ideas emerge. With proper funding and cultivation those ideas can take many shapes and develop in any number of directions. That's why MDV partners devote time to fostering relations with universities and entrepreneurial researchers. Together they ensure that great ideas can take root.

MDV Innovators Award

The MDV Innovators Award recognizes extraordinary faculty for their innovative approaches to important challenges and for their entrepreneurial spirits. The Award supports funding to pilot a project that has the potential to disrupt current thinking in the field or provoke new avenues of research in the area of energy and materials. Currently this award is open to faculty at UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Innovators Awardees

The MDV Innovators Award recipients in 2010 are:

  • Ali Javey
    UC Berkeley Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) scientist
  • Nick Melosh
    Stanford Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Delia Milliron
    Inorganic Facility Director of the Molecular Foundry at LBNL

The MDV Innovators Award recipients in the 2008-2009 inaugural year were:

  • Yi Cui
    Materials Science and Engineering Department, Stanford University
  • Jan Liphardt
    Physics Department, UC Berkeley and the LBL Physical Biosciences Division
  • Mike McGehee
    Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
  • Rachel Segalman
    Chemical Engineering Department, UC Berkeley and LBL Materials Sciences Division