Lagrange Systems

Bringing Intelligence and High Availability to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing from its inception has promised web services that are always on and sized to meet immediate demand. Unfortunately, the cloud services offered in the market today are insufficient to realize this concept, resulting in continued (and increased) outages across the entire cloud space (both public and private) for any and all mission critical applications.

Lagrange Systems has developed a unique, patented, and disruptive software platform that enables intelligent cloud computing for high availability applications, resulting in a highly optimized deployment of your application.

The decentralized software delivery network is collectively orchestrated by a central management system capable of replacing components when they fail and automatically adding system capacity when needed. Further, each software delivery system is typically deployed across multiple cloud vendors such that the availability of the platform is significantly higher than any single provider can achieve. Through decentralization, automatic scaling and seamless orchestration, true high availability is finally achievable through the Lagrange Systems software platform. 

How it Works:

Our core IP is our "price-setting auction" used to intelligently control the distribution of traffic from the Internet to application servers. This unique capability of the "price-setting auction" significantly outperforms typical naïve approaches such as "round robin" or "weighted least connections."   This technology plus our decentralized management and monitoring platform (Cloud Control) facilitates orchestration and auto-scaling services resulting in the highest available solution for the cloud today.



Facts & Stats

  • Lagrange Named one of the 6 Hottest Startups In Colorado by Business Insider
  • Bring reliability and the highest availability to cloud computing
  • Enable 99.999% or better availability on any cloud
  • Flexible architectural model (supports private, public and hybrid clouds)
  • Autonomous and decentralized software solution
  • Predictive auto scaling at the traffic management and application tiers