Data-enabled home improvement products supply chain and commerce platform reinventing the way people order heavy building products online

BuildDirect is a technology company reinventing how do-it-yourselfers to building professionals search for, sample and purchase heavyweight home improvement products. Through an advanced technology platform in conjunction with data analytic and forecasting tools, the company creates a simple and service-oriented online shopping experience where consumers enjoy savings of up to 80% for high quality goods, and offers real-time data for supplier forecasting to improve manufacturing efficiencies. BuildDirect is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with warehouses located throughout North America.

Facts & Stats

  • MDV led the $30M Series B funding round, which will be used by BuildDirect to fuel its growth, innovation and transformation of the US$491 billion home improvement product marketplace.
  • 85% of the company’s customer base is in the US.
  • The average shipment is 1500 lbs, 10 times that of traditional ecommerce retailers’ maximums.