Balance Therapeutics

Harnessing neuroscience to improve quality of life 

Balance Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical research and development company focused on developing therapeutics to address conditions of intellectual disability, most centrally, Down Syndrome and  and other genetic diseases. The Company's pharmacological approach, based on technology licensed from Stanford University, hypothesizes that restoring the proper balance between inhibition and excitation at the neuronal synapse by antagonizing excessive inhibitory circuits could result in the appropriate plasticity for memory and learning to occur in many conditions of intellectual disability. Clinical trials for the company’s lead product, BTD-001 are currently in progress for Down Syndrome. Balance Therapeutics is located in San Bruno, CA and has a wholly owned subsidiary in Melbourne, Australia.

Facts & Stats

  • Developmental intellectual disabilities including Down Syndrome, are characterized by an IQ <70 and by deficits in academic, adaptive and interpersonal skills.There are about 250,000 people with Down syndrome in the US.
  • Balance Therapeutics’ Phase 1b/2a clinical trial DS102 for cognitive impairment in Down syndrome is currently being conducted in Australia and will enroll 90 people with Down syndrome age 13 to 35. 
  • BTD-001 has had decades of safe human experience and has served as rescue therapy for barbiturate overdosing, was a component in respiratory medications, and was used to treat senile dementia.